Java Cult Fitness

The Java Story

We started Java Cult Fitness because we lost our fitness home of over 6 years. We looked at many spaces when one day we received a call for the opportunity to go back to our first home. We were the leftovers that were searching for a home and ended up coming full circle.

The name Java fell into place after a long back and forth between four friends. We are a group of parents and animal lovers. Java was the amazing family member of two of our owners. He was powerful, intentional, determined, funny, and the most loving spirit. If we could "drink the Java spirit" we may still fall short of the magnitude of impact he had on his human friends.  Our promise to you is strive every day to create a community that exemplifies all that Java had to offer.

 We created a space we could be proud of, that we made home for our old family while creating a new one. The Java Fitness Team consists of coaches who love to push themselves past limits through working out. We like to play while testing our bodies intelligently. With our experiences come wisdom and the ability to help others thrive. When you enter Java you are coming into the home of our team and our members. We will welcome you and challenge you. Are you thirsty yet? #DrinkTheJava


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